Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Some Questions...

25 Questions for the Colloquium

1. Why are some of the graves covered in ivy?
2. Why does Alfred K. Nippert’s headstone read “Eminent Supreme Archon?”
3. Why is Casper H. Rowe’s headstone set back in the brush?
4. What material is the aforementioned headstone made out of?
5. Why is the water so dark and unnaturally green? Is it colored?
6. Why were/are obelisk’s so popular?
7. Some of the headstone’s look like above ground crypts. Are the bodies in there?
8. Some very old headstone’s are simple, small, roundish pieces of stone. Why?
9. There is some type of urn or something on C. Haffner’s monument. What is it?
10. What was the inspiration for the original design of Spring Grove?
11. There is a very crowded section of graves where the headstones all face east. Why?
12. What is the cost of grounds maintenance each year?
13. What does it cost to be buried in the ground? In a wall? In a mausoleum?
14. Where did the name “Spring Grove” come from?
15. How is the cemetery governed? Public/private?
16. Have there been any proved supernatural events? Ghosts?
17. What is the “life-expectancy” of Spring Grove?
18. Does Spring Grove receive any funding (aside from donors and income from burials)?
19. Can we witness an embalming?
20. Some of the headstones have two or more (last) names on them. Why?
21. How popular is cremation? What is its cost?
22. Some of the grasses at the base of some trees are strange (coarse/dark green). Why?
23. Some of the dates on the headstones are ended with periods (like a sentence) and some are not. Why? What dictates the format of headstones?
24. What species of plant are the most unique to Spring Grove?
25. Are there any murderers or anyone of that nature buried at Spring Grove?

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