Thursday, July 23, 2009

Debriefing a Monument - The Becker's

First Image (General Description) - AMELIA BECKER (Daughter) – Born October 20, 1858; died on September 21, 1863 (almost 5), from scarlet fever; interment on September 24, 1863; moved to current lot on September 19, 1879, and to current location on same lot November 16, 1895.

AUGST BECKER (Father/Husband/Owner) – Born ~February 2, 1834; died September 5, 1890 (56), from diabetis and complication; interment on September 7, 1890, @ 3:30PM.

EMMA BECKER (Daughter) – Born ~July 19, 1867; died November 19, 1890 (23), from inflammation of bowels; interment on November 22, 1890, @ 12PM.

MADELINE BECKER (Wife) – Born ~January 29, 1834; died February 18, 1891 (57), from paralysis; interment February 21, 1891, @ 11:30AM.

HARRY W BECKER (Son) – Born January 19, 1850; died January 30, 1897, from Erysipelas (acute streptococcus bacterial infection of the dermis); interment February 1, 1897, @ 3:30PM.
The monument itself is carved into stone resembling stone, or rock, as its foundation. Rock can symbolize steadfastness of Christ; stability.

2 – The cherub can signify divine wisdom or justice. In addition, the recognition of a young child or an angelic characteristic of the deceased, too defines the small winged person.

3 – Victory in death, indestructible crown worn by triumphant Christian; eternity.

4 – Lilies are generally the first flows to bloom in the spring, thus symbolizing renewal and resurrection.

5 – The anchor is a symbol of hope. This idea comes from the passage in the Epistle to the Hebrews 6. Statues of the Virtue of Hope have her leaning on an anchor.

6 – Ivy is associated with immortality and fidelity. The clinging to the cross makes it a symbol of attachment, friendship, and undying affection. Its three-pointed leaves make it a symbol of the Trinity.

7 – The cross is the supreme symbol of Christianity.

8 – In the sense of a scroll, this signifies the law or scriptures. As a banner, it is another indication of victory and/or triumph.

9 – I took this image to be of an under ripe piece of corn still in its husk. Corn symbolizes fertility and rebirth.

10 – The Madonna lily, or Easter lily, symbolizes chastity, innocence and purity; a favored funeral flower of the Victorians. Joseph is often depicted holding a lily branch to indicate that his wife Mary was a virgin. In tradition, the first lily sprang forth from the repentant tears of Eve as she went forth from Paradise. The use of lilies at funerals symbolizes the restored innocence of the soul at death.

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